Le’ Host Hair Product of the Week! Cool

Le’ Host Hair Product of the Week!
Cool Clenz Clarifier- Deep Cleansing and clarifying shampoo with healing properties of tea tree oil Peppermint Clenz is a specialized shampoo formulated to deliver the benefits of deep cleansing from peppermint extracts with added natural healing properties derived from tea tree oil. Using its unique blend of natural ingredients, unwanted debris, minerals and coatings are removed from the hair shaft and cuticle. The scalp is conditioned and stimulated by the natural healing effects of tea tree oil. This all natural product is safe for daily use. http://ow.ly/i/rRYyT


Hair Talk

A Le’ Host Supporter Asks:

Can I wear my clip-on extensions to bed?

Haith’s Recommendation:

We recommend taking them out before you go to bed. This keeps the hair from tangling while sleeping and they are easy to put back in. The great advantage to clip on extensions is being able to take them off at night.


Ms. Haith Johnson President/ CEO